Diana and Kari smile while packing seeds.

Final Preparations for Seed Up Saturday!

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Excitement is building for our next event  The team is busily packaging up seeds and putting the final touches on our preparations for Seed Up Saturday. Take advantage of three hours of fun-filled and inspirational presentations this Saturday from 9:30 to 12:30 Pacific time. Peruse the topics and register here.  Enjoy special presentations from Rich Murphy […]

Joseph smiles while standing in a field of landrace rye grass.

What Happens When You Cross a Domesticated Tomato with a Wild Tomato? Joseph Lofthouse is Determined to Find Out.

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Joseph Lofthouse is as unique an individual as the seeds he stewards. He is especially a fan of “promiscuous pollinators.” Using the word promiscuous may sound provocative (perhaps to entice you to read on.)  The truth is it’s an actual word used in botany. It means parts, elements or individuals of different kinds brought together […]

Adult daughter kisses her smiling mother on the cheek as they harvest tomatoes and cucumbers in their greenhouse garden.

A Mother’s Day Gift for Moms Who Love to Garden (and Mother Earth will love it, too!)

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There’s something truly special about growing a garden and reaping the benefits of homegrown food and beautiful flowers. There’s nothing quite like the taste of sweet, tender peas fresh out of the pod, savoring a juicy cherry tomato or brushing your hand along the tops of flowers that you grew yourself. The only thing that could […]