Frequently Asked Questions

      1. How many people does one registration cover?
        One person per registration ticket. Children under the age of 15 are free.
      2. How long will it take to shop for seeds?
        A typical visit to the seed room is about 30 to 60 minutes depending on how many seeds you are collecting.  The Friday night presentation will be about an hour, and the Saturday seed classes are going to be 15-20 minutes each. Check-out lines move fairly quickly as we have several team members helping and keeping the fun atmosphere going!  Many participants enjoy spending several hours at the Seed Up to scoop seeds and take advantage of the movie or classes.
      3. How big are the scoops?
        Scoops vary from 1/4 teaspoon to 1/2 cup depending on the size of the seeds themselves.  We have selected the scoop size and shape to give you the best value for  for your investment. Oftentimes the number of seeds per scoop will be at least four times what you would receive from a packet from a catalog company.
      4.  Will you have new seeds from last year?
        We will be evaluating and making our shopping list over the next few months.
        We try to add many new seeds each year and rotate some seeds out.  We take great consideration while selecting new seeds and are excited to offer new varieties, including grains and cover crops!  A proposed seed list will be made available in mid-September.
      5. Are all the seeds GMO free?
        Yes. We only source non-hybridized and non-GMO seeds.
      6. Are the seeds Organic?
        All seeds are untreated and open pollinated making them excellent for saving and even for an organic program if you are planning on selling food grown from the seeds. Furthermore, if you grow them organically (which we hope you do) and save them (which we hope you do), they now become organic! The certified organic seed program is complicated and has many provisions. And since a very small percentage of the overall seed market is organic, when we buy ONLY organic seed, we limit our ability to find great seed stock and diversity outside that narrow margin. We want to increase diversity and seed access and the reason we created the Great American Seed Up. We acquire the seeds from sources Bill McDorman (Executive Director of the Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance) has worked with since as early as the 80’s.
      7. I registered online, will I need to print out a ticket?
        No.  We will have a check-in table for those who registered online.   Priority entry will be given to those who have already registered.
      8. Can I walk-in if I don’t register online?
        Yes.  However, priority entry is for those who preregister, and only those who register will miss received the free online versions of three seed classes.
      9. Is the movie the same as last year?
        No.  We are not having a movie this year, and instead have a great presentation by Kimber Lanning of Local First Arizona.
      10. Should I bring my own seed packets?
        No.  We use properly sized plastic bags for the various seeds to keep costs down. There is also a “seed card” that fits in the bag which specifies all the planting information you need for the variety chosen.
      11. Should I bring my own shopping bags?
        Of course we encourage using reusable shopping bags! This will be used at check-out.
      12. What forms of payment can I use?
        To register online: we accept PayPal and all major credit cards.
        At the event: we accept cash, and all the major credit cards.
      13. Will there be people to assist me if I have questions?
        Absolutely!  We have some of the best volunteers in town!  We will have varied levels of experts from hopeful gardeners up to Master Gardeners, all on hand to help answer your seed and gardening questions.
      14. What building is it in and what entrance do we use?
        It is in building B, and the entrance will be through a set of the north doors.  Signs will be posted showing entrance doors.  Lines will be designated for preregistered and non-registered.
      15. Where do I park?
        Parking is best in the north and east parking lots, although they will fill quickly.  If you are there on Saturday, the North parking lots will also contain the Uptown Farmers Market and its participants.
      16. Can I bring my children?
        Yes, we love to see kids at the Seed Up and encourage the seed shopping experience for future gardeners, however we do ask that you be vigilant while watching your younger children.  Our seeds need to stay separated, and little hands can accidentally mix up seeds quite easily. We do not have child care or space for children to run in the seed room. Fortunately, in the Farmers Market itself there are spaces for kids to express their energy. – More info about kids at the Seed Up HERE.
      17. Can we bring food and water into the Seed Up?
        We encourage participants to eat before or after their Seed Up experience to keep our seeds uncontaminated. A capped water bottle is fine inside the seed room but please take extra care not to get any seeds or surfaces wet. On Saturday until 1 pm, you may purchase food at the Farmer’s Market taking place just outside our event.
      18. Can I be a Seed Up volunteer?
        Yes, we do accept volunteers to our seed up team.  Please send an email to to express your interest.

If you have any other questions, please email them to  Thank you!