What is the "Seed Up In a Box"?

You package your own seeds, with BULK seed at BULK prices!

Our bulk seed varieties come with enough seed for TEN generous* servings
(at almost 50% off our already amazingly low in-person prices),
and we give you access to our seed education in an online Student Portal.

This works across the continent since the seed varieties in our program are adaptable and resilient - not zone-dependent.


How does it work?

Choose one of our Bundles

We have several standard bundles of 25 different varieties:
Essential, Basic, Banquet, and Pollinator Promoter
- each with enough seed for 250 of our generous servings.

Our 75 favorite varieties come in the ULTIMATE BUNDLE with enough seed for 750 generous servings!!

OR, Design your own Bundle

If our selections don't fit your needs you can expand your order, or create your own bundle, by adding extras of as many individual varieties as you like with the MIX AND MATCH Bundle. Use this option to add on some extra Seed Saving Books so that everyone in your group has one.
Minimum total order required.

Either way, shop as a group and SAVE!

Our bundles are the perfect size for a community garden, a neighborhood co-op, a seed swap, or even just to prepare 10 amazing food-resilient gifts. Shop as a community, church group, a group of friends, or create your own group from your social media!

*What do we mean by "Generous"?

Those who have attended a Great American Seed Up in person know what we mean
by "generous" first hand, and this translates into big savings.

With our Seed Up In a Box, the average cost for a serving of seed is $0.72.
For example: An order of our basil seed at $5.50 has 10 teaspoons, so each TEASPOON is ONLY $0.55 (serving size and cost vary by seed variety).




We’ll provide you with the materials you need to start (seed, seed cards, and baggies), access to signage and info on how to set up seed stations for your event, and lots of educational materials to share with your community.

OR, Create healthy, long lasting gifts!

How about just making your own amazing food resilient or gardening gift sets for 10 or more families and friends you care about! Take our bundles and divvy the varieties up into suggested servings, add a Basic Seed Saving Book, maybe throw in a City Farming book too, and you have an amazing gift that can start a new gardener or urban farmer off with a bang.

This is truly a gift that can keep on giving for a lifetime!