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Tomato Love – 17 Premium Varieties

This bundle features a collection of our premium tomato varieties with some of the best companion plant varieties we have.  With at least 170 of our generous portions, a Seed Saving Book, and the PDF Booklet Death By Tomatoes – this bundles offers a perfect start for any tomato loving gardener.  Save $

The Tomato Loving Bundle Includes:

  • 17 different varieties* of seeds with enough seed to fill 10 generous individual servings each and ten (10) description cards per variety,
  • One (1) Basic Seed Saving book,
  • One (1) Death by Tomatoes booklet as a PDF
  • and 170 portion bags (Note: You may reduce plastic before checkout)

Varieties (listed below) updated: 04/20/22

*When out of stock of any variety, we reserve the right to substitute with similar varieties so we can get your seeds out to you in a timely manner.

Tomato; Amish Paste (Indeterminate)

Solanum lycopersicum. Indeterminate. Meaty, irregular Roma-shaped fruits with good flavor for salads or sauce. Matures in 85 days

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Tomato; Roma (Determinate)

Solanum lycopersicum. Determinate. Heirloom. A quality paste variety with very thick flesh. A popular old favorite with good yields.

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Tomato; Ace 55 (Determinate)

Solanum lycopersicum. Determinate. Heirloom. Large, deep red fruit with low acid content – one of the few tomatoes to make that claim. Crack-resistant. heavy foliage shades fruit to protect them from sunburn. This tried and true variety is resistant to verticulum wilt (V), fusarium wilt (F), and alternate stem canker (ASC).

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Tomato; Floradade (Determinate)

Solanum lycopersicum. Determinate. A delicious, disease resistant offering for warmer climates and greenhouses. Rather large, determinate plants produce numerous beautiful smooth fruits averaging 6-8 ounces.

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Tomato; Rio Grande (Indeterminate)

Solanum lycopersicum. Indeterminate. A high-yielding, Italian plum tomato at home in the weather extremes, both hot and cold, of the Southwest. Large, 4″ long, blocky, pear-shaped fruits. Delicious fresh. Great for processing. Dry like apricots in half. 65-75 days from transplant.

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Basil; Italian Large Leaf

Ocimum basilicum. Specially selected strain from the mountains of northern Italy. More tolerant of cold climates than other varieties. Deep, rich basil flavor. Silky, dark-green leaves that should be pinched back to provide summer-long pleasure from the same plant. 12-18″ tall.

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Carrot; Scarlet Nantes

Daucus carota subsp. sativus. A timeless heirloom favorite. Bright-orange, very sweet, slightly tapered, 6-7” roots with characteristic Nantes rounded tip. A good keeper. Excellent for juice. Weed continuously.

Companion plants include: peas, lettuce, onions, garlic, tomatoes.

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Cucumber; Marketmore 76

Cucumis sativus. Consistently produces, through hot and cool weather, 8-9″, slicing cucumbers! Disease resistant.

Companion plants include sunflowers, corn, peas, beans and radishes. Dislikes aromatic herbs and potatoes.

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Flower; Marigold Mix

Tagetes patula.  Beautiful mix of French and African marigolds, blended to enhance bloom season and increase diversity. Traditional bold red, tawny orange, rich gold, and lemony yellow blossoms brighten gardens while repelling insects. Great for in-ground or container gardens. Will grow almost anywhere without being invasive.  Can be grown as a cover crop. Easy to grow. 12-14″.

Companion plants: Good for asparagus, eggplant, melons, potatoes, squash, and tomatoes. Dislikes: beans.

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Flower; Nasturtium Single Mixed

Tropaeolum minor. Edible. Deep-green, shield-shaped leaves and brightly-colored, yellow and orange, open-faced flowers add sharpness, peppery taste and a flamboyant touch to summer salads and sandwiches. 12″ tall. Great conversation starter at the dinner table.

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Onion; Yellow Sweet Spanish Utah

Allium cepa. An heirloom variety this large, sweet onion produces 3-6” bulbs. Very successful in the western states. Stores well. Great for caramelizing. State vegetable of Utah. Long to indeterminate day variety. 115 days

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Pepper; Anaheim

Capsicum annuum. Bigger, milder with more flesh. This pepper was developed in 1913 by Dr. Fabian Garcia at New Mexico State University, and originally known as New Mexico No. 9. Matures in 80 days

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Parsley; Curled Forest Green

Petroselinum crispum. Triple-curled market variety with long, stiff, upright stems. Holds its fresh appearance all summer and long into the fall after the first frosts. Perfect for garnish or salad. Biennial. Frost Tolerance – Good

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Tomato; Black Krim (Indeterminate)

Solanum lycopersicum. Indeterminate. Delicious, 12–18 oz., cat-faced fruits. Harvest when half-green and still firm. Iridescent purple with black shoulders. Interiors are part black with juicy yet meaty taste and texture. From Krymsk on the Black Sea.

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Pepper; Cal Wonder 300 TMR (Sweet)

Capsicum annuum. The most disease resistant strain from the famous California Wonder. Vigorous, 24-48″ plants produce thick-walled, blocky 4-4″ green fruits which turn red if allowed to mature fully.

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Pepper; Anaheim

Capsicum annuum. Bigger, milder with more flesh. This pepper was developed in 1913 by Dr. Fabian Garcia at New Mexico State University, and originally known as New Mexico No. 9. Matures in 80 days

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Onion; Nebuka (Evergreen Bunching)

Allium fistulosum. Perennial. Our most hardy and delicious bunching onion. Evergreen survives even the most severe winter conditions. Allow some to winter over for early spring harvest, even in the snow.

Companion plants include: beets, lettuce, tomatoes, strawberries, chamomile. Dislikes: peas, beans.

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Carrot; Danvers

Daucus carota subsp. sativus. Heat & frost tolerant carrot variety. 6-7″ long and about 2″ at the shoulder. Danvers is a great storage carrot. It resists cracking and splitting. Strong tops make it easy to pull. Good performance in a wide range of soils. Biennial. 72 days. Weed continuously.

Companion plants include: peas, lettuce, onions, garlic, and tomatoes.

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Basic Seed Saving Book

A handy and easy to understand reference book on the Why’s and How’s of saving seeds.  Written by Bill McDorman.

One book included in each -25 bundle. Add as many as you like for your community, organization, or holiday gift list!

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Only 2 left in stock

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