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Are Children Welcome?

“Are Children Welcome?”

How can we answer this….?  Children are so important to our future that we absolutely want them to grow with the awareness of gardening and access to real food.  Please take your children to gardening events like ours!  Please encourage them to ask questions about the seeds and the food that they produce!  Please help them get excited about growing their own garden!

The only request we have is that you supervise them so that they don’t experiment in our seed room. Our seeds need to stay separated from each other, and little hands can accidentally mix up seeds quite easily. We do not have child care or space for children to run in the seed room, however outside our rooms, in the Farmers Market, there are spaces for kids to express their energy.

We leave the decision up to you as parents, however if your mini-gardener is growing a little wild, we might suggest a play break and ask you to return to the seed room later.

Children under the age of 15 are free.