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Other Seed Education from our Founders

Seed Education Portal

Purchasers of our Seed Up In a Box bundles, and attendees of our Great American Seed Up events in Phoenix have access to a great deal of educational resources in the online education portal at Urban Farm U.  Here you can find recordings of our Seed Up Saturday events, Seed Up classes, Seed Chats, and special Seed Webinars like the Grains Classes. 

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Urban Farm Podcast – Seed Chats & Classes

Bill McDorman joins Greg Peterson for a educational chat and answer a few audience questions in the monthly Seed Chats hosted by Urban Farm U.  We’ve done over 50 of these so far. Here are the last few that we’ve done (Hint: click on the number to access):

— 2022 —

  • Pollinators & Wildflowers (683)
  • Seed Dehybridizing (675)
  • Seed Saving Myths (678)
  • Squashes, Summer & Winter (687)
  • Starting Your Seeds Indoors in Trays (662)
  • Warm and Cool Season Crops (696)

— 2021 —

  • Brazen Brassicas (628)
  • Companion Planting (659)
  • Culinary & Aromatic Herbs (655)
  • How to Let Your Garden Go To Seed (636)
  • Loving Those Legumes (646)
  • Nifty Nightshades (643)
  • Wildflowers (618)