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Online Seed Education at Your Fingertips

Since the very first Great American Seed Up events in Phoenix, our goal has always been to empower gardeners and seed savers through education. Every one of us here are dedicated to education in our separate businesses, and by combining our knowledge and experience we brought a significant seed education event to our community.  Now that we are offering our Seed Up In a Box program nationally, we needed to offer our education online as well.  Please join us in one of our Seed Up Saturday events, and check out your resources in our online Seed Education Portal hosted through The Urban Farm.For those who received a collection of seeds as a gift, you can register for your own Seed Portal Access today.  Simply add your name and email address to the registration form and include the order code in the third box.  You will get an email with your access link and entry to a whole new world of seed education.

1) Register for Your Own Free Seed Education Portal Access


2) Sign up for email alerts on our upcoming Seed Up Saturday events.


3) Once you have access, use the Seed Portal to continue your seed education.