Cucumber; Armenian


Cucumbis melo v. flexuosus. Same family as melons. Also called yard-long cucumber. Loves hot weather. Pick when 12 – 18″ long. Mild, sweet, crisp flavor. Ribbed. Frost Tolerance – None.

Companion plants include sunflowers, corn, peas, beans and radishes. – Dislikes aromatic herbs and potatoes.

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CULTURE: Plant seeds after last frost when soil reaches 60° F.

SUN: Cucumbers prefer direct sun and warm growing conditions.

SOIL: Plant in rich, warm, not necessarily deep, soil.

WATER: Keep well-watered. To maintain vigorous growth, feed with manure tea or add well-rotted manure. Avoid top-watering if possible. Water consistently throughout season.

SUGGESTED Individual Portion: 1 Tablespoon.

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