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Pea; Sugar Ann


Pisum sativum. Snap pea. (Edible pods, edible peas.) The earliest snap pea. Short 2’ vines need no support. Both pods and peas develop well and are exceptionally sweet. Most of ours get eaten in the garden.

Companion plants include: beans, corn, carrots, radishes and turnips.

In stock

In stock


CULTURE: Plant directly in garden soil as soon as soil reaches 50°F.

SOIL: Provide slightly limed soil rich in phosphorus and potassium.

SEED PRODUCTION: Produces self-pollinating flowers with little danger of cross-pollination. Allow peas to dry in pod until they rattle.

DISEASE: Cold, wet, spring weather may rot pea seeds. Cover soil with plastic or wait until rainy weather has passed.

SUGGESTED Individual Portion: 1/4 Cup.

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