Cover Crop; Rye – Cereal


Secale cereale. Amber waves of grain. Stunning, tall, ornamental seed heads grace this versatile plant that doubles as a cover crop. Prized in dried flower arrangements. A fast grower with deep roots, excellent for clay or heavy soils.


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CULTURE: Plant seeds in fall after your last crop is harvested. Hand sow by covering seeds with 1/2″ of soil.

COVER CROP: In warmer climates, may need to cut back multiple times. Allow to dry then turn into the soil when it reaches 6″ tall or so for an excellent green manure. Wait at least a week or two before next planting. Cut stems can also be used as cover mulch in garden.

SUN: Partial-to-full sun.

SOIL: Tolerates the widest range of soils, including clay. A natural soil conditioner.

WATER: Water seeds immediately after planting and keep moist for 2 weeks while germination takes place. Important: During this time, do not let seeds dry out! Drought tolerant once established, yet consistent watering is necessary for the best results.

SUGGESTED Individual Portion: 1/4 Cup

Updated 3/11/21

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