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Seed School Online


An essential course about regenerative harvesting to help you understand the basics and beyond in seed saving.

Learn how to harvest your own seeds to transform your health and grow resilient fruits & veggies… Even if you’ve never gardened before.

Take control of your health and reduce your dependence on multinational corporations. This comprehensive 7-module online course will teach you how to easily save seeds from your garden for maximum resilience, taste and nutrition!

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What You Get:

  • ¬†Seven 1.5-hour online seed saving classes ($397 value) Prerecorded and always there so you can attend at your leisure.
  • Worksheets and handouts for each class
  • Access to the private, member-only Seed School Facebook group Get your questions answered by seed saving experts! Plus, meet fellow seed savers, receive guidance, and feel supported and inspired by others going through the same journey.
  • Live online Q&A sessions with Bill ($47 value per session) Bill gets online about once per month to answer any and all of your pressing seed questions. You are not alone!
  • A library of Bill’s past seed classes ($564 value) Access to dozens of hours of recordings from a library of past Q&A sessions.
  • Tons of extra content and resources Extra videos, DIY pages for building equipment, and lists of the best books, websites, and organizations for further learning and inspiration.

Plus, these FREE bonuses

  • 5 extra bonus classes ($564 value)
  • Basic Seed Saving Book PDF ($17 value)
  • Eat, Drink and Be Merry eBook PDF detailing usage and planting instructions for 36 herbs. ($17 value)

Who is Seed Saving For?

  • For those that care about their health, and understand that taking control of what we eat is the most crucial step towards feeling healthy.
  • For those that want to learn how to hand-select crops for ultimate health benefits.
  • For home gardeners, from newbies to experts, who want to learn to read their garden to choose the BEST crops to reproduce each season.
  • For those that want to use their most resilient crops from this year as a baseline for next year… thus creating a garden gets better and better every year.
  • For those that are ready to experience flavor from their homegrown foods that is better than they’ve ever had before.
  • For those that are disillusioned with multinational corporations controlling our food. Seed School students are ready to be empowered to take control over what they eat.
  • This is NOT for those that want to buy seeds from catalogs forever and don’t care if their favorite varieties disappear.
  • Instead of facing the same challenges over and over, Seed School students are ready to try something new to get the maximum benefits out of their garden.

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