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Squash; Dark Green Zuchinni (Summer)


Cucurbirta pepo. Bush zucchini with straight, smooth, dark-green fruits. Best when harvested at 6-8″. Pale greenish-white flesh. Vigorous. Frost Tolerance: None.

Companion plants include: corn, nasturtiums.

In stock

In stock


CULTURE: Plant seeds directly in the garden after soil reaches 70° F. In extremely cold areas, use black plastic mulch to raise soil temperature.

SOIL: Best yields come from well-composted, well-drained soil.

INSECTS AND DISEASES: Control pests with rotenone and pyrethrum.

SOIL: To best prevent blossom end rot, water at base of plant and provide slightly alkaline soil, rich in calcium.

SUGGESTED Individual Portion: 1/2 Tablespoon.

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Weight 43 g
Dimensions 1.65 × 1.65 × 1.65 in


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