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What is the Great American Seed Up??

September 29, 2022 | Kari

Your opportunity to energize your local seed economy!

What if there were 10,000 seed banks in our town? That is the question that I posed to the team in 2013 after realizing that pretty much the only place to purchase seeds locally was a small rack at the big box stores and a few local nurseries. THAT is a problem, as without local seeds we can’t have local food.

So we set out to fix it by creating what is literally the biggest seed bizarre in likely the whole world. 10,000 square feet of open pollinated (the kind we want in our gardens) seeds that you can scoop to your hearts content. AND the energy in the room is palpable. This is exactly what the Great American Seed-Up is all about. Check out the Video HERE!

For those of you that are outside of the Phoenix area we have a special offering for you called Seed Up in a Box. Check out the video HERE!

The Great American Seed Up returns live and in person to North Phoenix Baptist Church for our 8th year!

Our intent at Great American Seed up is to educate you on seed saving and offer an incredible price on bulk seeds.

A big issue with buying seeds is we pay $2 to $4 for one packet of seeds and there are only 10 or 30 seeds inside. At the Great American Seed Up you will be able to scoop up a teaspoons, tablespoons, or even half-cups of seed for a fraction of that cost.

Seed varieties include a large number of tried-and-true vegetables, herbs, beans, greens, grains and flowers, including some newcomers to the Seed Up. The event is a Scoop-Your-Own seed bazaar with popular non-GMO and open pollinated vegetable & herb seed varieties available for purchase at bulk discounts.

“These seeds are the best varieties we could find in bulk to help you start your seed saving adventure,” says Seed-Up co-organizer Bill McDorman of “The more seed diversity we have growing in our neighborhood gardens and backyard plots, the more resilient we’ll be as a community.” McDorman has started several seed companies and nonprofits and is a prolific seed saver and educator.

Tickets are $7.50. They include access to the Seed Up and an array of educational webinars, podcasts, and Seed Up Saturday recordings to help you with your seed knowledge. Limited tickets will be sold for specific time slots, so patrons should plan on registering early to secure the slot of their choice. While they last, tickets are available at

Tickets are going fast, so to ensure that you reserve your space click HERE for Friday Tickets and HERE for Saturday Tickets!

If you cannot make it to the in-person event, we do offer bulk pricing with our Seed Up In a Box program, so that you can do your own Seed Up! This is enough seed to share with 10 or more people. Check that out at

See you there!