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A Mother’s Day Gift for Moms Who Love to Garden (and Mother Earth will love it, too!)

May 5, 2021 | Kari

There’s something truly special about growing a garden and reaping the benefits of homegrown food and beautiful flowers. There’s nothing quite like the taste of sweet, tender peas fresh out of the pod, savoring a juicy cherry tomato or brushing your hand along the tops of flowers that you grew yourself.

The only thing that could possibly make it better is to garden with someone else. Mother’s Day is right around the corner and spring has us out in our gardens.   It’s the perfect time to create lasting memories with your mother, sharing the mutual joy and satisfaction of making things grow.


Senior mother and adult son wearing blue checked shirts and carrying garden supplies smile in front of a large vegetable garden.
Give Mom and bucket of seeds & supplies and an invitation to garden with you.

Many moms would say that what they want most for Mother’s Day is time spent with their children.  Give her an invitation to garden with you along with a gift basket that includes seeds, cute garden gloves and a few tools.  Ask if she will share her gardening knowledge with you.  Or if you are the experienced gardener, offer to teach her how to grow.


Smiling adult daughter gives her mother a marigold start to transplant in their garden.
Surprise and delight her with flowers to plant! 

Before the date on which you plan to begin gardening, prepare an area of the garden just for her.  Instead of giving Mom flowers, include planting her favorite flower seeds or bulbs in your gardening plan.  Grow a few vegetables that she particularly likes to eat.  Decorate your plot with some planters in mom’s favorite colors or style.  And if mobility makes gardening down low difficult, create an elevated garden bed that she can cultivate standing up or sitting comfortably on a chair.

Senior mother and adult son smiling and watering an elevated herb garden.
Elevated garden beds make gardening easier.


Of course, there are times when our mothers are not amenable to gardening.  When that is the case, consider inviting a few women whom you love (friends, neighbors or family) to grow with you.  Seed Up in a Box offers bulk seed packages that you can divide up as gifts for any occasion, along with your invitation to join you in gardening.  Packages provide enough seed to gift up to 10 people with a variety of seeds.  Learn more about seed packages at


If your mother is no longer with you, grow some plants anyway.  A garden can provide a beautiful memorial and serene moments in which to remember her. Mother Earth will always relish the attention and care that you show her by planting seeds.


A mother and her adult daughter harvest tomatos.
Grow something that mom likes to eat the most. Tomatoes are a popular choice.

Tip:  One of the best things you can do for Mother Earth is to plant, grow, save seeds. Seed Up Saturday happens to fall on May 22nd this year, just after Mother’s Day.  Invite Mom to join you for three hours of free seed education and the interesting stories of a few people who grow them.  Reserve your place at