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Grains in Gardens & Other Skills to Learn & Share

August 18, 2022 | Kari

Supply chain issues, drought in the Midwest, grain shipments backed up in Ukrainian ports, $7 loaves of bread?

It is hard to escape the effects of political unrest, extreme weather, pandemics and disasters that have occurred one after another worldwide.  We see them on the news, hear them discussed at work and in social circles, and are personally grieved in ways big and small.

Many of us feel the repercussions financially.  Although shopping for bread may be a small problem within the grand scheme, I recently felt the pinch at the supermarket, paying $7.89 for what I consider to be the healthiest organic whole grain loaf of bread. I noted a loaf of enriched white bread at the very bottom end of the scale priced at $2.29.  In light of my shock at rising bread prices (and grocery prices in general…) three questions crossed my mind.

 #1  What will I do if the budget no longer allows for us to buy the more expensive bread? One of my daughters has a deficiency that requires her to avoid enriched grains, so big changes will have to happen

#2  How can I help to alleviate pressure on the food system and supply chain?

#3  Where can I, as a grower, expand my skills and share with others to help improve the situation and contribute to more  local food security?

At the moment, I have been watching the worldwide grain situation closely and this deepening observation has created in me an urgency to practice growing grains.  I already have some skill with corn (which started with a fascination for Glass Gem.) But I have never attempted to grow wheat.

Fortunately, my friend/co-worker and our resident grain expert Bill McDorman is an experienced wheat grower.  And I have to mention that he also is a wonderful bread, pizza and pasta maker.  I want to be like him.

If any of what I have shared resonates with you on any level, I highly recommend you join us on Saturday, August 27th for Seed Up Saturday.  Bill will talk about the importance of Grains in Gardens and pass along some basic tips and ideas for planting and harvesting.  Don’t worry, a small backyard plot is enough room to get started.

The event is free and you can reserve your spot at  Additionally you will have the opportunity to purchase heritage and ancient grains from the Great American Seed Up. Many of the grains we offer are rare and unique and not available through other sources. Preview our Baker’s Bundle here. 

I will also be sharing updates on the Global Seed Status, as well as a short class on Starting Seeds Smartly.

In total, Seed Up Saturday will cover 9 topics followed by live Q&A with our seed educators.  I can’t wait to learn about growing grains.  It would really help to relax inside a little bit about the grain situation, knowing that I can grow my own in an emergency.  And I would have the skill to share with my neighbors, as well.

And knowing Bill, he will be sharing his recipes with us in the future.  Join us at Seed Up Saturday on August 27th.

Let’s learn together!