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Beans–PLAN Now, Plant LATER!

September 15, 2021 | Kari

Beans are perfect crops for home gardeners who want homegrown food and greater self-reliance.

They are one of those undemanding garden plants that grow prolifically in diverse climates across North American. Beans are rich in protein, fiber and minerals. Beans are easy to stock up, storing well frozen, dried or canned.  They add flavor, texture and nutrition to a variety of recipes, including soups, casseroles, salads, or simply served all by themselves. For those reducing their meat consumption, beans are excellent alternatives.

While there are a few bean varieties that thrive in cool weather — fava, for example — most beans grow best when temperatures are warm. In many climates, it may be too late to plant them now (this blog was written in September.)  However, fall is a great time to stock up on seeds.  Throughout 2020 and 2021, many growers faced shortages of popular staple crops.  It may seem early to plan for 2022, but procuring seed now will give you a jump on the high season for purchasing seeds.  This occurs in January and February when many gardeners are preparing for their spring gardens and demand for seed tends to spike.

Stock up on beans now and mark your calendar to plant them in the spring when the time is right for your region.

For gardens in much of Canada and the U.S. Pacific Northwest, the majority of beans will germinate when the soil has warmed to 50-60 degrees.

In the South, plant your beans in late spring and again in mid-summer for two harvests…or plant several seeds every few weeks for continuous beans through the entire season.

In the Midwest and Eastern territories, same rules apply.  Remember that most beans love the heat but are frost sensitive, so you will need to time your second crop carefully so they can mature before any chance of a freeze.

In the Southwest , even during the (scorching!) hot season, there are bean varieties that will thrive.  These include cowpeas, fava, scarlet runner, Anasazi, and the O’odham tepary.

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