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Guns and Seeds:  A True Story About the Power of Connection

August 15, 2022 | Belle Starr

Seeds are tiny miracles. And like any miracle, sometimes they show up when we least expect them.  Even conversations about seeds can be “ice-breakers” in groups where one would not expect to have anything in common.

The world has become an increasingly interesting and complicated place. In the midst of political and social upheaval there are many people who are acquiring what they think will provide them with security and safety:  among these items are guns and seeds.

The problem with this scenario is sometimes those buying guns have no idea how to use them and those purchasing seeds don’t know what to do either.

Without getting into the ethical and moral reasons of why people would buy guns, knowing some basic skills is important.  Armaments experts advise gun owners that ongoing practice is critical to a person’s ability to protect themselves and others.

A gun owner cannot depend on the gun alone for security without learning and practicing their skills.  The same holds true for planting and saving seeds. 

Recently I brought my car to my mechanic for an issue. On the walls of his shop was an assortment of guns. (Okay, these days we need to diversify income streams. So, he is an auto mechanic and a gun dealer.) We got to talking and I flippantly inquired if he had his seeds. He replied, you bet.

When I asked him if he knew what to do with them, he replied no, that is where you come in, meaning me!

I was floored. All of a sudden someone from another side of the political spectrum was looking to me for guidance. In a minute everything changed; my attitude, my perspective and my sense that I actually may have something in common with this man (other than the need to have his services to fix my car).

I felt a perceptible shift that gave me hope and ideas on how to bridge a gap whose origins are deep.

I am taking my car back to my mechanic soon and when I do, I will be following up on what’s next. My mechanic wants to buy more seeds, but this time I hope he will get them from the Great American Seed Up (cheaper prices and better quality).

Stay tuned for our Survival Seed Bundle (coming soon.) And I certainly will make sure my mechanic is attends the Phoenix Seed Up.

If you happen to be in the Phoenix area, register to attend the Phoenix Seed Up on November 4th and 5th, 2022.  This is a live, in-person event held in Phoenix, Arizona. Registration and more info can be found here.

And bring a friend!  We especially encourage those who have attended previously to bring someone along who is new to seed saving and/or growing food. The more people who have the skills to grow food in our communities, the stronger our food systems become.