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April 9, 2021 | Kari

Imagine walking into a room filled with over 100 varieties of seeds ready to literally be scooped up and taken home for planting or saving. This is exactly what the Great American Seed Up is all about.  Although we can’t get together in big groups in person this year, sharing seeds is still possible. We’ve reorganized to create our Seed Up in a Box so that you can host your own Mini Seed Up with social distancing in mind.


Here is how to host a Mini Seed Up:


  1. Order a Seed Up in a Box.  Invite some friends to go in with you on a bulk seed purchase from The Great American Seed Up.  To get seeds into the hands of growers like you, we’ve packaged our bulk seed into bundles priced at almost 50% off our already amazingly low in-person prices and moved access to our seed education to an online Student Portal.  In addition, the seed varieties in our program are adaptable and resilient – not zone-dependent – so you can share them nationwide. Each variety includes enough seed for TEN generous servings.  Bundles can be reserved at  (Tip:  If you can find 9 other people to split the cost, a smaller number of participants can go in together.  The cost per participant will be higher, but each will get even more seed!)


  1. Decide on a location and set a date mid-October 2020 or later to divide up your Seed Bundle(s.) Seed Up in a Box orders will begin shipping on October 5 via USPS Priority Mail.


  1. Plan your Mini Seed Up with social distancing in mind. If your group will get together to divvy up the seeds, masks and gloves will help everyone to share seeds, not germs.  Another option is for the host to divide the seeds into packages that each participant can pick up from a secure location outdoors (protected from moisture and the sun.)




Where weather permits, host a Mini Seed Up outdoors.


Don’t limit yourself to only local participants.  Seed Bundles are comprised of adaptable and resilient seed varieties that can be grown across the U.S.  So you can go in with growers across the country.  Be sure to include the cost of shipping and handling to the price that each person pays if you will be mailing them.


IF you will be gathering as a group, The Great American Seed Up will provide you with table signs for each seed variety that you can download and print as well as instructions for dividing up the seeds (scoop sizes, display tips, etc.)  Have each participant bring a set of measuring cups and spoons for measuring their portions.


Take advantage of education included with your Seed Bundle.  Host a watch party with discussion following.  If you prefer a virtual format, use an online meeting platform with screen sharing (such as Zoom) so that your group can watch the videos together from their own homes.


Need Christmas gifts for the garden enthusiasts in your life?  Why not buy a bundle and host a Christmas Seed Up to give seeds to your favorite gardeners.


Finally, please share the news with friends.  The Great American Seed Up is a project started in Phoenix with the ultimate goal to make a difference in the local food security for communities across the nation. The mission was to empower people through education on seed saving through in-person educational presentations and provide access to bulk seeds with a very unique seed bazaar.   Although Covid-19 prevented our annual large event, we are excited to take this opportunity to expand beyond Phoenix. We are committed to providing adaptable, non-GMO, heirloom seeds to as many people as possible across the nation, for growing and saving even during this challenging time.