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Introducing Terra Rose Ganem and a New Live Stream of the Phoenix Seed Up

September 14, 2021 | Kari

For the first time, the Phoenix Great American Seed Up will present a Facebook LIVE event feed hosted by Terra Rose Ganem of Brilliant Planet. Get a taste of the excitement, see what everyone is talking about, get ideas for your own gardens and garner wisdom from some of the most knowledgeable experts growing today.

Join Terra as she gives you a virtual tour of the event, chats with our experts, and shares what it is like to be a participant in the well anticipated Great American Seed Up.

Terra is a great friend to the GASU team and we are delighted to collaborate with her.

If you haven’t met Terra Rose Ganem, she is a national speaker, bio-energetic practitioner and visionary entrepreneur.  She utilizes high frequency energy, activated nutrition and earth reconnection through gardening to support clients worldwide in activating and living their true potential.

Through her private practice, immersion retreats, an eco-destination and presentations, she connects the relationships between our internal and external environments to elevate and optimize living through consciousness & embodiment of inner power – resulting in living the best life ever!

Terra began her holistic nutrition practice alongside seven naturopathic doctors, where she provided complete nutrition protocols, recipes and guidance for them while they participated in other healing treatments. She later went on to co-found a lifestyle medicine company with three naturopathic doctors before branching out on her own to merge ancient wisdom and modern technology to allow people to quickly, with ease and grace, break through the old and create the future they want. Today, she is known as the “one you must go see,” by many of her clients.

Besides running a thriving practice, she also serves as the Executive Director of a nonprofit she founded, Brilliant Planet which is located in Mesa, AZ. The organization has an ecosystem-mission which includes being part of the end to food insecurity in Arizona, while also re-infusing magic and wonder for living and nature into the hearts and minds of families. They do this through hosting homeschool events, family volunteer days and classes within their lifestyle, plant-based cooking and gardening schools.

In addition, Terra will moderate a virtual Q&A following the Phoenix Seed Up with a live panel of experts. 

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