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Seed Saving Blog

Learn to Save Seeds from the Crops You Grow

January 31, 2022 | Kari

There’s something you can do in your garden to take it to the next level in nutrition, flavor and resilience.

It starts with where you’re getting your seeds. And guess what? The best seeds are the ones YOU save from YOUR garden! (Learn more HERE)

There is less seed diversity than ever these days… 90% fewer varieties are planted today than only 2 generations ago. The seeds we buy today are less nutritious and delicious than they were in the past, and certainly aren’t the best suited for your garden’s unique needs.

That’s why urban farmers around the world are bringing back the powerful practice of seed saving. No matter how much or little gardening experience you have, you can easily learn to save your own to reduce your dependence on the industrial farming system, grow fruits and veggies that taste amazing and thrive, and live your most healthy, vibrant life.

We’ve teamed up with seed expert Bill McDorman to bring you a FREE short Seed Saving 101 mini course (sign up HERE) for health-conscious people that value self-sufficiency to get empowered to take control of what they eat.

Bill McDorman is a 30-year veteran seed saver and educator, and he will introduce you to the world of seed saving and guide you step-by-step through this elegantly simple process. You’ll learn the basics of seed saving and get inspired to start enhancing your favorite garden plants right away!

Click here to sign up for the free Seed Saving 101 mini course now.

And if you happen to be in the Phoenix area, register to attend the Phoenix Seed Up on November 4th and 5th, 2022.  This is a live, in-person event held in Phoenix, Arizona. Registration and more info can be found here.