04. The Ultimate 75 Varieties


75 different seed varieties to help you create your own seed sharing event. With 750 generous individual servings averaging $0.72 each, this is the perfect size for a mini Great American Seed Up event and will greatly help food resilience in your community.

The Ultimate Bundle includes:

  • 75 varieties of seeds (listed below)
  • Five (5) Basic Seed Saving books


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EACH seed variety comes with:

  • Enough seed to fill 10 generous individual servings
  • Ten (10) description cards
  • Ten (10) portion bags
    (Note: You may reduce plastic before checkout)

Varieties in this ULTIMATE Bundle:


  • Arugula, Rocket
  • Bean, Anasazi
  • Bean, Blue Lake 274 (Bush)
  • Bean, Broad Windsor (Fava)
  • Bean, Dry Black
  • Bean, Scarlet Runner (Scarlet Emperor)
  • Bean, Tepary
  • Beet, Detroit Dark Red
  • Beet, Early Wonder
  • Broccoli, Green Sprouting Calabrese
  • Broccoli, Waltham 29
  • Cabbage, Early Jersey Wakefield
  • Cabbage, Golden Acre
  • Cabbage, Pak Choi
  • Cabbage, Perfection Savoy
  • Cabbage, Red Acre
  • Carrot, Danvers
  • Carrot, Red Cored Chantenay
  • Carrot, Scarlet Nantes
  • Corn, Glass Gem (Flint)
  • Corn, Reid’s Yellow Dent
  • Cucumber, Armenian
  • Cucumber, Marketmore 76
  • Eggplant, Florida Highbush
  • Eggplant, Florida Market
  • Kale, Lacinato
  • Kale, Red Russian
  • Kale, Vates Blue Curled Dwarf
  • Lettuce, Black Seeded Simpson
  • Lettuce, Mesclun Mix
  • Lettuce, Paris Island Cos
  • Lettuce, Red Cimarron (Romaine)
  • Lettuce, Salad Bowl Red (Leaf)
  • Mustard, Southern Giant Curled
  • Okra, Clemson Spineless 80
  • Onion, Nebuka (Evergreen Bunching)
  • Onion, Red Grano (Storage)
  • Onion, Tx Early Grano (Storage)
  • Pea, Mammoth Melting Snow
  • Pea, Oregon Sugar Pod
  • Pea, Sugar Ann
  • Pea, Sugar Snap
  • Pepper, Anaheim (Sweet)
  • Pepper, California Wonder 300 TMR (Sweet)
  • Pepper, Early Jalapeño (Hot)
  • Radish, French Breakfast
  • Radish, Champion
  • Spinach, Bloomsdale
  • Squash, Black Beauty Zucchini (Summer)
  • Squash, Dark Green Zucchini (Summer)
  • Squash, Early Prolific Straightneck (Summer)
  • Squash, Vegetable Spaghetti (Winter)
  • Squash, Waltham Butternut (Winter)
  • Swiss Chard, Fordhook
  • Tomato, Black Krim (Indeterminate)
  • Tomato, Brandywine Blend (Indeterminate)
  • Tomato, Cherokee Purple (Indeterminate)
  • Tomato, Floradade (Determinate)
  • Tomato, Mortgage Lifter (Indeterminate)
  • Tomato, Rio Grande (Indeterminate)
  • Tomato, San Marzano (Indeterminate)
  • Watermelon, Crimson Sweet


  • Basil, Italian Large Leaf
  • Cilantro, Slo-Bolting
  • Dill, Bouquet
  • Parsley, Curled – Forest Green

Cover Crops:

  • Pea, Austrian Winter
  • Rye, Cereal


  • Corn Poppy Single Mixed
  • Cosmos Tall Mixed
  • Cut Flower Mix
  • Edible Flower Mix
  • Marigold Mix
  • Nasturtium, Single Mixed
  • Zinnia California Giant

NOTE: for additional quantities of any single variety, use the Mix & Match Bundle.

*When out of stock of any variety, we reserve the right to substitute with similar varieties so we can get your seeds out to you in a timely manner.


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